Kiri René van der Lindenile



Dear René,


this is Your former colleague and co-fighter for human rights from Estonia writing. I happened to read from the news about Your views on the so-called Erna competition, a traditional sportive/military activity, held once a year in Northern Estonia.

I must say that Your utterings made me deeply sad. I do  not know whether You are a victim of the cynically lying Russian propaganda or You just do not care about the truth but only politics. If the latter, my sadness will be accompanied with personal disappointment. I hoped – and still hope – You are more than another Schröder.

As a matter of fact, this competition has absolutely nothing to do with Nazism. But, really, it has something to do with the fight against Stalins’s official murderers (devastation batallions) who were assassinating peaceful civilians, children, women etc. in the summer of 1941.

If You are now accusing Estonians of being pro-nazist, You are acting exactly like a man I told You about one day when we were still colleagues. This man had lost his glasses somewhere in the dark alley. He was looking for them – but not where he had lost them but under the bright streetlight. He knew pretty well, there were no glasses, but it was much safer and more comfortable to look for them there. Not in the dangerous alley.

René – where are the Nazis marching today, in Estonia or Russia? I have seen them with my own eyes in Novgorod. Marching, with flags, „in ruhem, festem Schritt”. Ready for any atrocity. Nothing of this kind has happened in Estonia and never will. So will You next time look for the lost glasses in the right place?


Sincerely Yours

Lauri Vahtre

Tallinn, 02.08.07

(Sellele kirjale vastust ei tulnud.)

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